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Shoulder Pad Machine
Shoulder Pad Basting Machine

Shoulder Pad Machine

Shoulder Pad Basting Machine

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As a leading manufacturer of Shoulder Pad Machine, we provide first-rate Apparel Machine, Sew Free Garment Making Machine, Sonic Cutter, Pad Filler Machine, Pad powder print machine, Pad separating machine and Foam pad round-off tool.

Shoulder Pad Basting Machine is equipped with one basting head and one set of CNC controller for pad basting, the operator just place pad material to the pad clip and press the foot pedal to start, then it can execute auto pad basting.
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Capacity Depends on quantity of stitching points,normally each cycle about 20 seconds, so per minute can get about 3 pcs of basted pad then separate pad in the middle by pad sperating machine type dm-021sc to form 3 pairs of basting pads.
Length 40 - 350 mm

about 40 – 225 mm
Wider pad basting range available upon request

Machine size 2000 x 1500 x 2000 mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight 800kgs