Q: Minimum order quantity is a few?
A: MOQ : 1 set

Q: Has its own R & D Factory?
A: Yes, We own all the original R & D Technology and Proficient Experience in this field over 30 years.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?.

Q: Whether the machine will be very difficult to use?
A: All the digital meters or Human–Machine Interaction are easy to operate.

Q: Is the machine complex to operate?
A: All the electric fittings and pneumatic parts used in our machinery are with high-quality.

Q: Life of the machine?
A: Manufacturing machines by our own factory, the whole machine using high-quality materials long life for at least 15 years.

Q: How to order machines?
A: All the Moulds can be customized according to your supplied samples

Q: Experiencing problems when using the machine?
A: We provide Good & Timely After-Sale Services.

Q:The advantages of seamless technology?
A:Lap-bonding, folding-bonding, edging, and affixing The promotion of seamless technology is a major trend in the development of the market. Its advantage lies in the fact that there is no “trace” on the seamless body. In the aspect of women's underwear, it can better display the beauty of women's body and bring comfort and beauty. The most important thing about seamless bonding technology is an innovation in its process. If you want seamless technology to be more mature, you must work hard on its technology. Our new pad companies are constantly developing and seamlessly working on seamlessly crafted machinery. The craftsmen work together to develop a seamless fit market.

Q:How to fit bonding conditions?
A:Regarding the bonding conditions, in addition to the fabric properties to determine whether it is suitable for fitting, it is more important to form some objective conditions for the fitting. For example, we need to use the strength of temperature to bond, how much temperature is involved in this temperature, and how much Time, how much pressure is appropriate, these are not yet a fixed number, which requires experimental and R&D to verify the actual results. Fit, the question that everyone is most concerned about is whether they can be glued tightly. Just like sewing, they are connected by wires. The wire is not enough to withstand the force. Then we need to test the glue from time, temperature and pressure to get the maximum adhesion. A flow that takes time, high temperature can reduce the viscosity of the glue to promote the fluidity of the glue, promote the infiltration of the glue to the adherend, the pressure promotes the fluidity of the glue, promotes the infiltration of the glue to the adherend and avoids the generation of bubbles.