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Bra Cup Machine
Fabric cup molding machine

Bra Cup Machine

Fabric cup molding machine

Character of machine

It is able to mold rigid fabric cup (non stretch fabric) and also elastic fabric cup and space fabric etc.

As it is using conical shape of mold with adjustable molding depth, so it can mold elastic fabric to get suitable cup shape for matching the foam cup shape for stitching.
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Capacity It can load one set of mold with 2 cavities, per cycle can produce one pair of fabric cups
Per cycle about 1 minute/one pair
Heater 6kws/220v/single phase

Machine equipped with air cylinder clipping device and easy to control farbic tension and reduce fabric pulling while on molding
Machine size 1200x800x1400mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight about 400kgs
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