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Bra Cup Machine
Bra Foam Beveling Machine

Bra Cup Machine

Bra Foam Beveling Machine

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Our company is a professional Apparel Machine Manufacturer, providing Heat Press Machine, Laminating Machine, Bra cup hot molding machine, Foam Cup Edge Trimming Machine, Foam sheet slit-cross cut machine and Bra Foam Beveling Machine with top quality.

It is with bandknife and wooden template to trim foam or fiberfil and get a padding material with edge thinner, or get a foam cup cookies which can be stored inside the garment bra for making push up bra.
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Driven motor Bandknife 1hp x1 and turn table 1/2hpx1 and grinding stome 1/10hpx2
Cutting capacity Per minute 2-3 cutting cycle, and this machine is able to load 2 sets of templates each template with max size 330x660mm
Machine size 2000x1500x1700mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight about 750kgs

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