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Taiwan's largest and most professional seamless textile garment machinery manufacturer "NEW PADS INDUSTRY CO., LTD."

Since its establishment in 1980, it has provided global famous brand foundries (customers produce Wacoal, Triumph, Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, UNDER ARMOUR, PUMA, etc.) textile and garment related special machines:

Shoulder pads, underwear bras, masks, sports shoes, ready-to-wear, functional sports and leisure clothing, non-sewn garments, ultrasonic lamination, protective clothing and other textiles, footwear machinery, etc.

Our machinery is exported all over the world, including Asia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Ceylon, India, Bangladesh and European regions such as Turkey, Spain, Germany, France and Poland, and African regions such as Tunisia and Morocco, Egypt. Such as the United States, Canada and Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, etc...

The special machine for anti-epidemic protective clothing produced in 2020 won the ``National Epidemic Prevention Team Appreciation Medal''

Common philosophy represented by NPI, which is the abbreviation of Xindian Enterprise

"NEW: Receive new knowledge", "Passion: Keep enthusiasm", and "Innovation: Keep innovating" are the creeds to help customers manufacture machinery and equipment that meet their needs, and at the same time support technical guidance to help customers quickly introduce production.